Which Summer Tires are the Best?


Summer tires as the name suggests, are designed for maximum performance at that time of the year. These technologically advanced high-speed tires are combined with unique materials and computer-developed designs to provide an unsurpassed blend of handling, along with dry and wet traction. Summer performance tires deliver high-grip and sporty handling unadulterated by the requirements of snow traction. They are a good blend of dry and wet street performance....continue reading

Essential Tools for Your Car

When you own a vehicle, you have to protect it with proper care and maintenance. Also, there may be some emergency situations that put both you and your car in danger. However, theres no need to fret over these situations. Rather, you can stay secure and protected with some essential tools to keep you going even after a sudden breakdown. These tools should include the following items.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Before hitting the road, the tires of your car should be filled to their maximum...continue reading

Top Summer Car Care Tips

The summer months bring with them soaring temperatures, humidity and occasional rain. This extreme weather can be quite harmful to you and your car. Hence, it is important for you to take some extra care of not just yourself but also of your car. Here are a few tips that you can follow to take that extra care.

1. Get the Air-Conditioning System Checked

Driving in a car in which the air-conditioning system is not working can be torture. Hence, it is important for you to ensure that the system is working...continue reading

Tips for Improving Gas Mileage

As a driver, your driving habits have a significant effect on fuel consumption. By following these tips, you can improve your gas mileage and get more out of a gallon of gas.

Drive Within Speed Limits

The most fuel-efficient speed range is between 50 to 60 mph. Did you know that increasing the speed to 75 mph leads to the engine burning 20% more fuel? According to auto experts, driving the car at speeds of 55 mph will lead to more fuel savings than driving at 65 mph.

Dont Rest Your Foot...continue reading

Steps to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

In order to plan for a perfect road trip, you need some vigilance and forethought, especially if you are traveling with kids. There are a number of things that need to be managed so that you can fully enjoy your trip since a long car ride comes with some challenges. If you plan properly, you will not only mitigate these challenges but also create some beautiful memories along the way. Here we have provided some essential tips that will help in making the perfect travel plan.

Know...continue reading

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