Will a Car Payment Affect My Credit Score?

Maintaining a good credit score is a necessity. However, every debt has some effect on your credit score. This includes car loans. If you are worried about how car payments will affect your credit score, we have some answers for you.

How Does Car Loan Affect Your Credit Score?

When you apply for a car loan, the lender makes a hard inquiry on your credit report. A hard inquiry takes away a few points from your credit score, and the points will stay off for one year....continue reading

Why Should Millennials Buy Used Cars?

Right now, Millennials are 22-37 years old, and are thinking of buying their own car as theyre becoming a little more stable in life. If youre a millennial and are thinking of buying your own car, consider buying a used car instead of a new model. Here are a few reasons why financial experts suggest millennials should buy used cars.

The Financial Perspective

Millennials have a different financial perspective than previous generations. Millennials are at an age now where they...continue reading

Affordable and Safe Cars for First-Time Drivers

Buying a car for the first time is a big deal, especially for young drivers. Price, performance and safety all play a big role in deciding what car to purchase. The list of vehicles below will help you find a vehicle thats perfect for first-time drivers!

Honda Fit

With standard safety features like a collision mitigation braking system and adaptive cruise control, the Honda Fit is a great car for first-time drivers. Despite it being a subcompact...continue reading

Five Automobile Technologies That May Soon Enter the Production Stage

In its phase of transformation, the automobile industry is looking up the futuristic technologies that can make driving simpler and safer in the future. They include vehicle-to-vehicle communication, artificial intelligence, self-driving operations, augmented reality and a lot more. The competition in this field has been intensified in the past few years due to many new companies and regions making their entries into the automotive...continue reading

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

If you have a dog, you know why theyre called mans best friend. They can fill your life with so much joy! Its difficult to not fall in love with those cute puppy eyes, wet nose and soft coat of fur! But the real challenge lies in deciding whether you want to give your furry friend a ride in your car because the mess that follows is not quite pleasant. Here are a few tips to help you clean your car of dog hair.

Brush Your Dogs Coat

The best step to follow before you let your...continue reading