Ways to Make the Best Out of CPO Vehicles

Buying a used car is a tried and tested formula for those who want to get a vehicle convenient enough to hit the congested roads during traffic or to add a second car for their family. These are affordable, comfortable, dont burn a hole in your wallet and save you from the depreciation losses you incur while buying a brand-new vehicle.

You can go one-step forward and purchase a Certified Pre-Owned or CPO vehicle. These cars can guarantee return on your investment and come...continue reading

Pros and Cons of Buying a CPO Vehicle

Sometimes the only way to get your dream car or that one luxurious car youve been eyeing is to simply wait until its price or cost drops. If, on the other hand, you dont have the luxury of waiting, you should consider a CPO or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. A CPO works as a great alternative to a new car purchase. You should, however, consider the pros and cons it comes along with. To understand more, read through the points listed below.

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What is an APR?

Youre probably excited about buying your new car but dont get too happy until you surely know what youre getting into. Chances are that youve been offered a great or unbelievable car loan deal, but make sure to look through it thoroughly. It may not look as good as it really seems. What you also need to work on is the APR or Annual Percentage Rate usually set by the company. Lets understand what this really means.

What is an APR?

Like mentioned above, APR equals Annual Percentage Rate. When you take out a loan,...continue reading

Calculate Your Own Lease Payment!

Youre probably excited about your new car investment but be sure to take into consideration all that goes into its finances as well. While it isnt complicated, the process could get challenging if you dont keep yourself updated with the basic information required. You may want to understand that there are several factors that may affect your credit score and in turn, may affect the lease payment process. It is vital that you know how companies or services usually make use of...continue reading

Yes, You Can Lease a Used Car

If the idea of leasing a gently used car ever crossed your mind, now is the right time to consider it. With low monthly payments, you can find the thrill of a new ride instead of opting for a bulky payment.

Nowadays, thousands of people are returning their cars to dealer lots due to increased mobility, moving jobs, change in needs or simply upgrading to a new one. If your local dealer offers used car leasing, you might be able to find a fantastic deal.

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