The Best Holiday Sales Events

The Best Holiday Sales Events

It’s not unusual to see people shopping all around town during holidays and long weekends. Car dealerships like to get in on this fun too, and offer great deals during the holidays to get people lining up. Some of these events offer more than others, especially if a holiday comes right after a sales slump. Here are some of the best holiday sales events to look out for this year.

Black Friday

Black Friday is famous for its sales. Both online and offline retailers offer deep discounts to get customers in the door and rid themselves of stock before the end of the year. Car dealerships get in on this sale craze, too. Black Friday marks the beginning of the winter holiday sales events, so it needs to start with a bang.

Independence Day

Independence Day is another big sales holiday, but you may know it better as the Fourth of July. While you’re spending time with the family grilling and lighting sparklers, don’t forget to keep an eye out for some seriously explosive deals. Car dealerships often offer special incentives if you buy on the Fourth of July. Many new SUVs, sedans, and trucks can be snatched up with lower financing and amazing lease offers.

Labor Day

September is a very tricky time for car dealerships. Manufacturers start to unveil and sell next year’s models, and car dealerships feel under pressure to get old metal moving. Salespeople often offer deals on Labor Day to meet their quotas and push this year’s models out the door. Often, you can find them offering cash discounts, lower interest rates, 0% finance, and other fun deals. 

Presidents Day

Presidents Day is always on the third Monday of February. People like to use their extended weekend to shop and scope out holiday deals. Most car dealerships offer a Presidents Day sales event. Winter is usually not the best for car sales, so they are in a hurry to reduce their inventory. You can usually haggle for a good deal during Presidents Day, since most salespeople are thinking about their monthly sales goals.

Christmas and New Year's Eve

By the end of the year, car dealerships know they don’t have many opportunities to reach their yearly sales target. If a dealership has a large inventory, they will usually offer a Christmas sales event. Santa can bring free insurance, attractive financing options, and free add-ons if you choose to run to the dealership in between wrapping presents and carving ham.

If you can wait until the last day of the year, you can find the biggest discount on the car of your dreams. If the car dealership is falling short on a quota, some decide to sell a car at a small loss just to make their numbers.

Car manufacturers offer huge bonuses to car dealerships that make their sales targets. If you take advantage of these deals, both you and the dealership can get what you want. They get their bonus and you get a great price on an amazing vehicle.