Spring Time Car Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Spring Time Car Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

A new season brings new weather, social activities, and daily routines. It’s also the time to dust away those cobwebs and make your car clutter-free for the spring season. Many people dread cleaning and end up using the wrong car cleaning techniques. Here are some things to avoid when cleaning your car this spring.

Not Using Gentle Brushes

This common mistake will often cause more damage than good. You will end up creating scratch marks on your car. It’s best to use a fine-bristled, gentle brush for cleaning the dust on the surface of your car. Buttons, ventilation areas and other hard to reach corners of your car’s interior can be cleaned using these brushes. While you’re at it, empty your car of all clutter and put everything back in its place. Consider replacing your old air freshener for a fresh scent this spring.  

Using the Wrong Kind of Washcloth and Strong Cleaning Material

It's important to understand that not every piece of cloth can be used for car cleaning. Old clothes, rags, and kitchen towels tend to contain a lot of dust themselves and are of little help in cleaning your car (and can end up damaging your car’s paint). Using a microfiber cloth will help you avoid towel marks, spots, and streaks on your car. Consider using multiple microfiber clothes for the car wash. This way, you will not be rinsing your car with the dirt that has come off from the previous wash cycle.

Remember to keep window cleaning for the end. This is necessary to prevent them from accumulating dirt from other cleaned parts. Consider using cleaners that are mild and have no ammonia in them. Remember to roll down your windows and clean all the oil and grime that gets collected at the top of your window, too.

Ignoring the Tires

Tires come in contact with all the dirt and grime on the road and require thorough cleaning. Try to wash the tires with non-acidic products to prevent damage. Using a stiff brush will help you remove any tough grime that has accumulated in the tires. You might even use a toothbrush for accessing tiny crevices that contain dirt. A good rinse with pressured water and the absence of damaging chemicals will ensure that your tires look great.

Washing the Exterior Incorrectly

A smooth and delicate wash is necessary to create a sleek look on your car. Hand washing is ideal for a gentle and detailed clean. This will ensure that no scratch marks are left behind on your car. Always use a carwash solution for car cleaning. Household soaps are not recommended since they can harm your car’s finish. Once the washing and rinsing are done, use a rubber squeegee to remove any traces of water. This is necessary to remove dirt and residue left behind by the water.

Forgetting the Carpet and Floor Mats

Your carpet and floor mats require deep cleaning from the harsh winter grime. Use a stiff brush to loosen and remove dirt from the carpets. Vacuum them to eliminate all the dirt and leave your car floor looking rejuvenated.

Spring time car cleaning can become a horrendous task when it is done wrong. Maintaining a strict cleaning routine is crucial to making sure your car looks its best.