Essential Tools for Your Car

Essential Tools for Your Car

When you own a vehicle, you have to protect it with proper care and maintenance. Also, there may be some emergency situations that put both you and your car in danger. However, there’s no need to fret over these situations. Rather, you can stay secure and protected with some essential tools to keep you going even after a sudden breakdown. These tools should include the following items.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Before hitting the road, the tires of your car should be filled to their maximum capacity. However, if they aren’t, you may land up in trouble. This is where you need a tire pressure gauge to measure the air pressure released from the tires when attached to the valve. This device has a small cylinder and a tab that displays PPI or pounds per inch of air in the tires. For easy operation, you can also buy a digital tire pressure gauge that offers accurate measurements.

Life Hammer

There are some critical situations when saving your life becomes essential. Suppose if a car catches fire, it can be extremely difficult to escape and save your life. In this scenario, you can immediately break the window with the help of this hammer and escape from the car. What if your seatbelt also gets stuck? Fret not. This hammer can also cut through the fabric of a seatbelt. Therefore, a life hammer is really a life savior.

Jumper Cables

These cables can be very useful when your car gets stuck in the middle of your journey. You can seek help of other commuters to jump-start your vehicle if you have jumper cables of the appropriate length in your car. These cables are connected to the battery of another vehicle to ignite the engine. It is an important tool so it should be well-maintained and properly stored in your vehicle at all times.

Screwdriver and Sockets

In any vehicle, there are some components that may become loose with age and consistent vibration. These parts should be immediately tightened to avoid any bigger issues. You need a flathead screwdriver to tighten any loose screws. Multiple sockets offer flexibility to work on components of any size.

Tire Chains

If you drive often on snowy or icy roads, you need tire chains to prevent slipping of your vehicle. It doesn’t really matter whether you have front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive, this tool is essential to ensure safety on slippery roads. When using tire chains, make sure that you follow the instructions given in the user’s manual.


An emergency situation can happen at any time, even during the night. It can be sometimes hard to find a source of light if your car breaks down on a stranded road. Here, you need a flashlight to illuminate the area. They are a good source of light that allow you to stay safe and work on your vehicle. You should buy a flashlight that comes with a magnet to be fixed to the car.

Apart from these, you should also keep some other tools like a  speed charger, multi-drive wrench and tow straps to tackle emergency situations when driving your car.