Ways to Make the Best Out of CPO Vehicles

Ways to Make the Best Out of CPO Vehicles

Buying a used car is a tried and tested formula for those who want to get a vehicle convenient enough to hit the congested roads during traffic or to add a second car for their family. These are affordable, comfortable, don’t burn a hole in your wallet and save you from the depreciation losses you incur while buying a brand-new vehicle.

You can go one-step forward and purchase a Certified Pre-Owned or CPO vehicle. These cars can guarantee return on your investment and come with the manufacturer’s validation of the vehicle condition.

In choosing the right CPO program, the most important factors on which you need to base your decision are:

  1. Warranty: Is it bumper-to-bumper or coverage on repair to powertrain or extended warranty which is a combination of both.

  2. Coverage Backed by Whom: Is it factory-certified, dealer-backed or third-party coverage.

  3. Deducible: You must favor the one where you don’t need to pay the deductible on warranty repairs.

  4. Can Expenses be Reimbursed: Most plans offer reimbursements on expenses like travel, food, lodging and trip interruption.

  5. Out of Town Repairs: Some programs have pre-approved locations only where you can get the car service for repairs or regular maintenance checks. Opt for one where coverage is nationwide or at least covers a larger geographical area.

  6. Vehicle History: This is important to give you a glance at the previous usage. Any used car will require repairs in one way or another, so it is best if you know the condition of the car before your purchase.

  7. Inspection Process: The mechanical efficiency, mileage and the working conditions of the physical components are reviewed to a rigorous extent during these inspections. The number of check items that underwent the reconditioning is provided for your benefit.

Make sure you do your share of research in comparing different brands and programs. You don’t want to end up with an inferior car that was poorly reconditioned and end up shelling out more than you bargained for.

The main thing to focus on, about the working condition, is the electrical system. Battery, spark plugs, brake pad, shock absorbers, etc. are crucial for the fuel efficiency, as well as your safety.

When you think that there is a need to clear the air on the condition of even the cosmetic touch-ups like leather, paint work and the like, put forth your doubts and the seller is happy to oblige.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to test-drive the car, just as you would a new car, to test the feel while driving, power steering, ABS or even the overall appearance. All these add up for the vehicle to be the best CPO you could buy. Ask one of your family members or friends to drive around and to pitch in their opinion. Even automakers and dealers are bent on cherry-picking the best vehicles for the deal. You just need to finalize one which fits the bill on your necessities.