Getting Your Car Ready for Spring

Getting Your Car Ready for Spring

Isn’t spring the most beautiful season? It’s no doubt that it’s a colorful time of the year and deserves to be enjoyed in the fullest. You might decide to pack some picnic baskets or backpacks, or go for a hike with your family or friends. But then you hear it. What’s that rattling noise you hear when you start your car? Is everything alright with its condition?

Winter can be a bit cruel on vehicles between driving on snow covered roads and getting sleet off the windshield. Sometimes, you even just kept it idle in your garage, fearing the frozen path. This has an adverse effect on the electrical system.

But, now that the temperature is starting to get a little warmer, it’s time to mend the littlest details of your car. Do the following to ensure that your car is ready for spring.

1. Maintain Cleanliness: All that snow and mud from the roads has probably settled under the carriage, on the wheels and tire rims so be sure to hose the dirt off the vehicle. If you prefer a thorough cleaning, it is best to engage a professional. When you think of cleanliness, it means inside as well as the outside. Most people only care about the exterior appearance but you need to remember that the condition of the interior is crucial too.

Remove all the needless items you have been meaning to throw out but never actually got to because now is the perfect time. They take up extra space and more fuel is consumed with the more weight your vehicle carries.

2. Basic Maintenance: Don’t get stingy now. It’s time to visit a car care service center and seek professional help. Get the tires inflated as tire pressure is important for smooth handling of your vehicle. Replace the worn out tires and brake pads. If the wheels are misaligned, find out if balancing and rotating the wheels will suffice for now or if you need to go in for a replacement right away. The spark plugs and battery require utmost attention as well. Any leakage in the serpentine belt or hoses can cause fuel loss or misfiring, which can be fatal for the vehicle and yourself.

Replace all the fluids, such as coolant, oil, wiper fluid, etc. Change the air filter, oil filter and cabin filters. Change the windshield is the glass has endured micro scratches and chips in winter from scraping off sleet.

3. Final Touch-Up: Wax the exterior, get a paint job and clean those leather seats. Take out the floor mats and vacuum the interior. Invest in a good air purifier and car fragrance. Make it a pleasant ride for you and those who you take along. As the outside temperature rises, you’ll need to cool off in your favorite ride, which means getting the air-conditioning up to the task.

These are just a few of the basic measures you can take to enjoy yourself in the spring. Bring the spring to your car as you go for your first ride this season.