Travel Tips For This Holiday Season

Travel Tips For This Holiday Season

The holiday season is the time when you hit the roads and embark on that much-awaited trip. Through the woods and over the river, you just can’t wait to catch up with your friends and family this holiday season. So, why not make your trip trouble-free? Here are some pointers that help you make your trip safe and memorable.

Pre-Plan Your Holiday Road Trip

Do not rush with your holiday travel planning. Map out your road trip in advance and share this plan with the people you are visiting. This way, your family will know your expected arrival time and take action in case of an emergency. Plan your trip such that you don’t cover more than a reasonable distance in a day. 

Enter the destination into the GPS and note the approximate travel time. Do a quick check of the road conditions even if you have traveled this route before. This step will help you uncover the obstacles and reroute your drive. Other factors like weather and heavy holiday traffic may also add to the drive-time delay. So, it’s an excellent idea to make your travel schedule flexible and add in extra time for navigating the holiday traffic.

Check Your Coolant Levels

Keeping a check on your coolant or antifreeze levels is essential because they help to protect your engines in the extreme cold of the winter months. Not only that, they have a high boiling point that aids in removing excessive heat from the engines on a hot day. 

This characteristic will avoid breakdowns, especially while your vehicle is idling in the heavy holiday traffic. So, how can you check the coolant levels? Look for the radiator reservoir under your car’s bonnet. The coolant level here must be between the minimum and maximum lines. Top off with an appropriate coolant, if necessary.

Engineer The Right Environment

Engineering the right environment implies ensuring a comfortable drive for both the passengers and the driver. Adjust the driving seat to a position that will give you comfort over long periods. You must have a clear vision of the GPS device or your phone. Place them into the console mounts or hands-free dash for having a clear view of the route. 

Traveling with kids requires you to maintain entertainment items like audiobooks, games, movies, art supplies within your reach. You may also want to place the water bottles and snacks in a place where both they can be accessed by both the driver and passengers. Make frequent stops and ensure to clear the cabin off the trash.

Check The Tire Pressure Including The Spare

This simple check will not only improve your tire’s lifespan but will also help to keep your family safe during the journey. While the tire pressure must be checked periodically, do not skip on checking it before starting your trip. Underinflated tires can cause tire blowouts during high speeds and result in fatal accidents. 

Do not ignore even if your tire’s pressure is slightly below the recommended values. This minor change can still affect your braking distance, wear out unevenly, and reduce the tire’s lifespan. Check your vehicle’s handbook for the recommended pressure values.

This holiday season, keep your eyes open on the health of your car and pump up your spirit for going on an adventurous road trip. Making these checks will help you travel worry-free and safe.