How to Change a Flat Tire

How to Change a Flat Tire

Changing a flat tire by the roadside is something any driver never wants to do. However, flat tire situations cannot be anticipated, and you need to prepare for it. Modern cars have all the equipment required to change a flat tire. All you need to know is the right way of doing things. Here we have presented a detailed guide of how to change a flat tire. 

Items Needed to Change a Flat Tire

  • Vehicle owner’s manual 

  • Jack

  • Lug wrench

  • Spare tire (fully inflated)

  • Wheel wedges/chocks

Find a Safe Spot 

The car should be parked at a safe spot before you change the flat tire. Never park your car on the grass, an incline, or at a turn. Always find a straight stretch of the road and park your car by the roadside. After parking the car, turn on the blinkers/hazard lights.

Prepare Your Car

Put your car in “Park” and engage in parking/emergency brake. Put the wheel wedges to prevent the car from rolling while you change the flat tire. The wheel wedges should be placed behind the front and rear tires.

Loosen the Lug Nuts

You need to remove the hubcap or wheel cover to loosen the lug nuts. Use a flat-head screwdriver to pop off the wheel cover. Place the wrench on the lug nut and turn the wrench counter-clockwise. You need to loosen the lug nuts, but not remove them completely. (Tip: You should never remove lug nuts completely until the car is jacked up and the tire assembly is off the ground.)

Jack up the Vehicle 

Place the jack in the jack slots. If you aren’t sure where they are, check your car owner’s manual. Jack slots are typically located on the frame behind the front wheels and in front of the rear wheels.

Remove the Lug Nuts

Unscrew the lug nuts by hand to remove them completely. Set them aside.

Remove the Flat Tire

Dismount the flat tire from the front hub and move it out of your way.

Mount Spare Tire

Lift the spare tire and place it on the lug bolts. Push the tire inwards so that all lug bolts protrude out of the wheel mounting holes. Put the lug nuts on the lug bolts and tighten them by hand.

Lower the Vehicle 

Use the jack to lower the vehicle. The newly fitted tire should touch the ground completely. Take the wrench and place it on the lug nut and turn it in a clockwise direction. Use some force to tighten the lug nuts. Remove the jack.

Next time you face a flat tire situation away from your hometown, don't panic. Stay calm and recall the instructions given in this guide, and you will be able to change a flat tire in a few minutes and get back on the road again.