How to Clean Pollen Off Your Car

How to Clean Pollen Off Your Car

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons. The sun shines softly and the flowers bloom in the most beautiful way. But even the most beautiful season has its downfalls, especially for those with allergies. Not only does pollen annoy the human body, but it also causes damage to the inside and outside of cars. Those with allergies will have even more trouble sitting in a car, since the air conditioning might bring in pollen from the outside straight to their noses.

To make life easier, follow these easy tips to keep pollen off your hood and out of your cabin.

Check your Cabin Air Filter

Most cars have cabin air filters that stop dust and pollen from entering the inside of your car. This filter is most likely to get clogged during the spring. Some models might not have a cabin air filter, and you may need to install one. You can easily purchase a filter yourself and have a mechanic install it into your car.

These air filters are designed to trap particles smaller than pollen, so it won’t have any trouble blocking pollen. Check these filters regularly. They are very easy to clean by yourself. It’s recommended to change your air filter once a year, especially if anyone riding in the car has sensitive allergies. Check guides online for how to install and change the cabin air filter in your vehicle.

Cleaning the Exterior Surface

Pollen is invisible to the naked eye. If there is some unseen pollen and you wipe your car down, you may scratch up your car since pollen is abrasive. Make sure to wash your car regularly during the season and consider waxing your car. Other than giving your car an elegant shine, the wax acts as a protective layer to avoid scratches from pollen. Also, try to keep your car in an enclosed space. If you’re unable to park indoors, consider using a car cover when you have to park outside for an extended period of time.

Important Tips to Follow

Keep your windows rolled up in the spring. The biggest pollen particles are found during dusk and dawn, which triggers allergies the most. Use a household hand vacuum to clear your seats of pollen, or visit a professional to get your car thoroughly detailed. Turn on your air conditioning for a moment before you start your drive may also help.