Helpful Tips to Prepare Your Car for Cooler Weather

Helpful Tips to Prepare Your Car for Cooler Weather

The happiest season is here and you’re already making plans to take your family out. If you relate to this and intend on taking your vehicle for a long journey this winter, you will want to check out the following list of what not to do this winter. Winters are not only harsh for your vehicle, but could halt your holiday if your vehicle is not prepared.


Avoid leaving behind any sort of wet clothing in your car if you plan to stop and spend the night at a hotel. Leaving behind wet clothes could cause the water in the air to freeze within the vehicle and could lead to a frozen lock. If possible, clean up the car before leaving because you don’t want to be stranded by unpleasant surprises.


Do not roll down the windows the second you hop in the vehicle. Chances are that the windows could be frozen from the weather outside, especially around the frames. Wait until the car warms up a bit to avoid ending up with a detached window. It would be best to allow the car some time to warm-up and melt any ice off with the heater.


Avoid parking in the open by finding a sheltered place to park your car. However, if you do not manage to find a good spot and need to park it in the open, here’s a small tip if you are using your parking brake. If your vehicle comes with an automatic parking brake, chances are that it may not release due to the cold. When you start the engine, make it a point to firmly place your foot on the brakes and release it. Having done so, slowly take your foot off the pedal and begin the drive, real slow. Do not rush, be patient.

Additionally, you may also come across a slight screeching noise and may witness smoke and a burning smell. If this happens, do not drive and make sure to stop the car immediately. Chances are that water may have snuck into the alternator through the windshield and could have frozen or halted the motor.

Flooded Road

It may seem like you can make it through, but always avoid making your way through a flooded street or road. Firstly, you’re not sure of the depth of the water and secondly, you never know if you’d be driving through a hidden ditch or unwanted surprise. Additionally, driving through cold water could have an effect on your brakes and could even pose a threat to the vehicle.


Avoid leaving snow unattended on your car or even around it before taking off, especially if you do not intend on using your car for the next few days. If you will not be using your vehicle for quite some time, consider sheltering it with a cover or have it parked someplace safe. The last thing you want is to be running to the mechanic with a frozen windshield, engine or even the motor for that matter. Take some time to read up on the many thing to keep away from in the winter.