How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

If you have a dog, you know why they’re called man’s best friend. They can fill your life with so much joy! It’s difficult to not fall in love with those cute puppy eyes, wet nose and soft coat of fur! But the real challenge lies in deciding whether you want to give your furry friend a ride in your car because the mess that follows is not quite pleasant. Here are a few tips to help you clean your car of dog hair.

Brush Your Dog’s Coat

The best step to follow before you let your dog in the car is to give their coat a good brush. Brushing your dog before they get into your car helps to remove the loose hair that might fall in your carpets and/or seats. Get a good pet brush to do the job so that the brushing turns out to be effective. Keep in mind that grooming is quite an effective method of eliminating dog hair from your car.

Get a Pet Blanket/Cover

If you are a new dog parent, here is some good news. You can actually give your fur baby a ride in your car without worrying about dog hair lying scattered all over your car. How? Just get a pet blanket for your car! A pet cover or blanket covers every inch of your car’s interior, protecting your car’s seats and carpet from all the dirt and fur that can drop from your dog’s body. Once you get home, you can remove the cover and clean it, and store the cover for future use. It’s a must-have pet accessory!

Buy a Pet Crate/Travel Carrier

This is an ideal option for all pet parents who like to take their fur babies out for a ride. A pet crate or a pet carrier works just like a baby car seat. All you need to do is put your dog in the crate and then secure him/her with a LATCH system or a safety belt that comes along with it. It not only keeps your dog safe during the journey but is also quite a comfortable option for dogs, especially if the journey is a long one. And of course, placing your dog in a pet carrier also reduces the chance of hair getting in your car.

And lastly, keep your car stocked up with paper towels, plastic bags, wipes, carpet cleaners, etc. because you don’t know when you would need them. Dogs are amazing creatures that only need love and attention in lieu of their unconditional love and friendship. Don’t leave them out of those long drives just out of the fear of cleaning your car afterward. There are multiple techniques that you can use to clean your car of dog hair. So for now, enjoy the ride with your best friend!