Minivan vs. SUV: Which One Should You Buy?

Minivan vs. SUV: Which One Should You Buy?

If you are planning to buy a family car, you’re probably trying to choose between a minivan or SUV. If you haven’t traveled in or driven any of these cars previously, it will be difficult to know which one you should buy. To make things easy for you, we have provided the pros and cons of each vehicle to help you decide which one you should buy.

Minivan: Pros and Cons

The minivan is a popular vehicle among large families. It is easy to drive and offers good gas mileage. The minivan has a lower ground clearance which makes it easy to get in and out of. Even small children can get in and out of the minivan without any help. The lower ground clearance also means that it is easy to load and unload your stuff in the minivan. A minivan has enough passenger space to seat six to seven passengers and even the third-row seating has enough legroom and shoulder room to fit comfortably. The sliding door is the most important feature and it gives you a wider space for entry and exit. Also, a sliding door means you can get inside the car or get out of the car even when the car is parked in tight spaces. The lower ground clearance also means the center of gravity is lower than average which gives you the benefit of better handling and performance.

Some of the disadvantages of the minivan are that it is not as good looking as the SUV and for some people traveling in a minivan is a stigma. Lower ground clearance also has some disadvantages like not being able to drive on rugged terrain or any off-road adventures. You have limited models to choose from and it might be difficult to find an all-wheel drive model in a minivan.

SUV: Pros and Cons

Built on a truck chassis, the SUV radiates power and performance. The SUV has the highest ground clearance in passenger vehicles and you can confidently go off-road in one. With the SUV, you can drive on rugged terrain or rocky hills without worrying about damage to the undercarriage. Most SUVs are also quite spacious and can easily accommodate six to seven passengers comfortably. If needed, there is usually flat-folding second- and third-row seats to extend your luggage space. Plus, SUVs have powerful engine options which makes them ideal tow vehicles. If your hobbies include camping or towing your own boat, then the SUV is the right vehicle for you. A higher ground clearance also means you can drive your SUV through flooded areas or small streams. Most SUVs are heavy and you can safely travel in rough weather conditions as well.

Some of the disadvantages of the SUV are the higher ground clearance and conventional door types making it hard for children to enter and exit out of the car. The same problem comes when you are loading or unloading stuff from the SUV. Also, a heavier body means the SUV is less fuel-efficient.