Tips for Traveling with Pets

Tips for Traveling with Pets

Traveling with your pet can be stressful, not only for you but also for your four-legged friend. To take the bite out of this stress, you need to be careful and plan a bit. You can make this trip both comfortable and enjoyable with a few tips that are given below.

Acclimatization is Necessary

Believe it or not, it is absolutely necessary for your pet to get acclimatized with the road conditions, specifically when you are planning a long road trip. To begin with, you should take your pet on shorter drives to test its reactions and behaviors. Ideally, these drives shouldn’t span more than 2-4 hours to test its nerves. If all goes well, you should go ahead with your plan. If your pet gets agitated or suffers from anxiety during short trips, there’s no point taking it on longer ones.

Vehicle Selection Makes a Difference

If your pet gets acclimatized with conditions and is ready to go on a road trip, you need to select a suitable vehicle to take it along. Always lay more emphasis on choosing a comfortable car having ample space inside. Check its entry and exit access height and cargo space. The lower hatch allows easy access to animals while more cargo space lets you carry all its stuff. If there are cargo tie-downs, you can even manage to take your dog’s kennel wherever you go. Most importantly, choose automobiles that have a rear air-conditioning feature to make your pet feel comfortable on the trip.

Road Safety Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Having loose animals inside a car can invite more accidents than you can imagine. It can be risky for you and fellow passengers. If left unrestrained, your pet may jump over the seats and cause distractions or hurt passengers. It can be extremely risky for its own safety as well. Having harnesses and crates inside your car is a good idea to keep it safe on the road. Use harnesses that can be connected to child car seat anchors while crates are suitable for SUVs to allow secure strapping of your pet.

A Travel Kit is a Must-Have

Your pet also needs its travel kit handy just as you do. It is important to carry all its essentials in this kit. These may include its food, medications, leash, bowl, grooming supplies, vaccination records, first aid and other necessary items. When traveling by road, take along a lot of water to keep everyone including your pet hydrated, especially during hot summer days. To stack these items, you need a vehicle having generous spacing inside. You can opt for a certified pre-owned car that comes loaded with a lot of pet-friendly features.

Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Since there aren’t too many hotels that allow pets, you need to prepare early for accommodations. Booking in advance is the ideal option because it lets you go through pet policies and additional charges of every hotel. In case you missed it, you can use the interconnected navigation system of your car to check on hotels falling on your route for finding the right accommodation.

Whenever you plan a trip with your pet, follow these tips.