Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer

Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer

Summers tend to be as hot as ever with each passing year and there are times when you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your fully air-conditioned home, just to get into the hot oven of a car that you need to travel in. The hot summer heat can really make the interior of your car soar up to sweltering temperatures. In order to combat such troublesome situations, here are a few tips that you should consider for the summer.

Solar Powered Fans

Solar powered fans basically act as heat exchangers that provide much needed ventilation to a car that has been parked under the heat of the sun for a long time. The fan helps you feel comfortable as soon as you enter your burning sun-exposed car after a long time, preventing you from feeling suffocated and excessively hot. Triggered by the power of the sun, the fan replaces the hot air with cooler air, thus allowing the inside of the car to be properly ventilated.

Keep a Wet Washcloth Handy

Make sure you keep an extra packet of wet wiping cloth or wipes, or even a bottle of water and a spare cloth in your car at all times during the summer. Whenever you get back to your car after it is parked under the sun, wipe down the steering wheel, seat and gear with the wet washcloth to expel the heat. This will ensure that your ride is instantly a lot more comfortable.

Car Covers

If you don’t have your own garage, a shaded parking spot at home or if you don’t need to use your car for a considerable amount of days, invest in a car cover that suits your car model. This will ensure that your car remains protected from the harsh weather and the extreme heat of the sun, making sure no damage is caused to the interior.

Cover the Dashboard

Choose to get your dashboard either temporarily or permanently covered, especially in the summer. Since your car’s dashboard is frequently in contact with the rays of the sun, it can get cracked or damaged and even too hot, leading to several other problems. Since the material isn’t very heat-friendly, go for a smoother, cloth-based cover for your dashboard. This will act as a great protective shield.

Roll Down the Windows

If you don’t have a shaded spot to park the vehicle in, make sure you leave some scope for your car to remain ventilated throughout the stationary time. Crack the windows just a little bit to allow the influx and exchange of the hot and cool air. This will help you come back to a more comfortable car that isn’t too hot or doesn’t end up making you feel suffocated.

These are a few easy and useful tips you must keep in mind if you want to survive the extreme summer each passing year by helping you keep your car cool and comfortable to travel in!