When and How to Change the Oil in Your Car

When and How to Change the Oil in Your Car

Motor oil that is stored within the engine of your car acts like the perfect stabilizer when it comes to ensuring the fact that all internal machinery is working smoothly. That is why it’s crucial to periodically check and change the oil in your car, in order to keep it running perfectly for a longer period of time.

Engine or motor oil is an essential aspect in terms of keeping the internal systems of your car lubricated and free from an overheating anomaly. It is the element that essentially makes sure that all systems are a go. It is this very aspect that makes it imperative for car owners to know when and how to change the oil in their cars.

When Do You Need to Think About Changing it?

The first thing to do in case you’re new to your car’s dynamics, is to read the instruction manual thoroughly to get all the important insights on how and when you must change the oil in your car. In some cases, cars are equipped with a notification system that reads the levels of oil and notifies the driver whenever there’s a shortage.

It is always encouraged that you check the levels of oil in your car with each passing month. By doing so, you can avoid major glitches, including possible damage to the engine due to overheating, chafing or grinding of parts against each other, leaks in the oil tank or even a bumpy and malfunctioned ride.

If you’re not in the habit of checking the oil levels ever so often, follow the 3,000-mile or three-month rule of thumb when it comes to oil changes to ascertain that the car doesn’t run low on motor oil.

How to Do-It-Yourself

Changing the oil in your car is a task that you can easily take up all by yourself, without putting too much time and effort into it. All you need to do first is to lock the wheels of your car and keep all gears and brakes in place to render your car immovable during the whole process.

Next, find the most suitable jacking point with the help of the instruction manual and set a jack stand at the place where you’ve elevated the car in order to go forth with your task.

Open the hood of the car and search for the oil cap, located right on top of the engine. Place a drain pan on the underside of the car and use a wrench to open up the oil plug underneath. Wait for about 4-5 minutes and allow all the excess, old oil to fall into the pan before going ahead and replacing the old oil filter with a new one.

After attaching the new oil filter, put the oil plug back in its place and pour the new engine oil in the oil tank under the hood of your car. As soon as you’re done, screw the oil cap back on and close your car’s hood.

This is how you can effectively maintain your car without having to shell out money just to change the motor oil.