How Do I Check My Oil and How Do I Know It’s Time for an Oil Change?

How Do I Check My Oil and How Do I Know It’s Time for an Oil Change?

It is customary for those who own an automobile to conduct precautionary auto maintenance. While preventative auto care is underrated, it is important to the health of your ride. After all, it is the very factor that helps you avoid expending a large sum of funds on avoidable repairs for the vehicle in years to come.

Here, we have a comprehensive guide to checking your car’s motor oil so you also know precisely when to change it!

Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Check Your Car Oil

You must be aware of the fact that car care is the only way to keep your vehicle operating properly.

  1. Find an even ground to position your vehicle before you open the hood and secure it.

  2. Make sure that you have allowed the engine to get cold so that the oil is ready for the check.

  3. Now you must read the owner’s manual and locate the position of the dipstick. In most engines, it is placed toward the bottom and is in a color like red, white or even yellow.

  4. Retracting this dipstick will show you the existing oil level. Should it be nearing the lower notch, you need to refill at your earliest convenience.

  5. However, if it is close to the full or maximum capacity, then you can avoid refilling for a week or more.

While checking and changing your engine oil is just the start, a little study of car care can help you master the fundamentals that include conducting tire checks, brake inspections, etc. Not only does it help maintain your engine health, but also adds value to your car.

Ideal Time for an Oil Change

Experienced car care technicians often warn automobile owners about the perils of postponing auto care. A little time spent on engine maintenance can go a long way in deriving better on-road performance from your car.

  • Seasoned professionals in the automotive industry share the opinion that car owners should replace their oil upon traveling 3,000 miles.

  • Yet, a lot of first-time vehicle owners never conduct their first oil check before driving well over 5,000 miles. This is one of the reasons why auto experts insist that every driver must check their vehicle’s motor oil on a monthly basis.

  • That being said, if you do not use your automobile very often, you could adopt a bi-monthly checking schedule.

  • While there is no set measure by which you should check your oil, frequently verifying the level of oil in your automobile is in the best interests of your ride.

If it is your very first car, you must go in for quality products and service the vehicle from a well-respected garage! Apart from major repairs, you must also get your vehicle serviced from time to time. Car detailing is also a great idea and insisting on quality care for your precious automobile is crucial so you can enjoy using it for a long time.