Do I Need to Take My Car to the Dealership I Purchased it From for Service?

Do I Need to Take My Car to the Dealership I Purchased it From for Service?

Whether your car is new or old, you need to take it somewhere for service. Many new car owners are confused about whether to take their car for service to a nearby garage or to the dealership. If you have a similar question, we have a simple answer that will resolve all confusion. Read on to know.

Is the Dealership the Only Place to Get Your Car Serviced?

No, you don’t need to take your car to the dealership for service, especially if it is inconvenient and costly. Many car owners avoid taking the car for service to the dealership due to their busy schedule or any another reason. They are also not sure if they should take their car to the nearby service center in Cleveland as they fear the manufacturer’s warranty will become void. The result is that regular maintenance is not performed and it is not good for your vehicle.

Did you know that neglecting regular maintenance can make your factory warranty void? It doesn’t matter where you get the car serviced as far as maintenance is performed as per manufacturer’s specifications. The owner’s manual clearly outlines the terms and conditions for performing regular maintenance. Some of the conditions that you need to meet are using good quality oil and using OEM parts for repairs.

If you are taking the car for service to the auto service center you trust, you need to ensure that maintenance is performed by qualified mechanics. Today’s car is an advanced machine and it is not an easy task to change the engine oil or filters. So, you need to ensure that a mechanic knows the right way to perform regular maintenance without any alterations that would make your factory warranty void.

Why Do You Need to Follow the Maintenance Schedule?

A car’s engine, power transmission and other systems have several moving parts. The different fluids in your car work to lubricate the parts and reduce friction. If you do not maintain recommended levels of fluids, the friction will not only generate more heat but also increase the wear and tear of the components. Extreme temperatures weaken the parts that may lead to the failure of the system.

The general maintenance schedule draws your attention to important components of your car. Timely care and repair of minor problems keep it in a good condition and reduce the chances of complete failure. Hence, car manufacturers require the owner to follow the maintenance schedule and perform timely maintenance and minor repairs (outside warranty coverage) as per specifications.

Important General Maintenance Tasks

As per manufacturer’s warranty, a car owner needs to perform general maintenance tasks after a certain number of miles or a specific period. The general maintenance items and guidelines may change with the auto manufacturer. For more details, check the owner’s manual or maintenance guide provided with your car. Here is the list of general maintenance tasks that you need to perform.

After every 3,000 miles or three months, you need to check all fluid levels like power transmission, engine oil, brake oil and radiator coolant. If the engine oil has turned black, you need to change it. Similarly, the owner’s manual also mentions the general maintenance tasks that need to be performed at various stages such as 6 Months/6,000 Miles, 9 Months/9,000 miles and more.