Tips for Cleaning Car Windows Without Streaks

Tips for Cleaning Car Windows Without Streaks

A dirty windshield can be one of the main reasons behind the poor vision of the road. If you park your car outside, dirt and grime can settle down on the windows and windshield fast. It is necessary to clean windows regularly. Here are a few tips to clean car windows without streaks. 

What Causes Streaks on Car Windows? 

Streaks are caused by leftover cleaning solution. When you clean the car windows under the sun, the cleaning solution dries off before you wipe it off leaving a fine residue behind that causes streaking of windows. The best way to avoid streaks on windows is by parking your car in the shade when undertaking windows and windshield cleaning.

Things to Remember 

For a sparkling clean windshield and windows, you need to clean both sides of the windows and windshield. For best results, wash the windshield and windows from the exterior side and then proceed to clean windows and windshield from the inside.

Never use household glass cleaners on your car's windows and windshield. They have strong chemicals that cause tinting of windows. Always use a glass cleaner that is recommended for automobiles.

Cleaning Supplies You Will Need

  • Glass cleaner

  • Isopropyl alcohol

  • White vinegar

  • A few lint-free soft microfiber rags

  • Surgical towels

Preparing the Cleaning Solution 

Take an empty spray bottle and mix the following ingredients to prepare a cleaning solution. Some of the effective and popular options include:

  • 50% water + 50% Alcohol + a capful of white vinegar

  • 70% water + 15% Alcohol + 15% glass cleaner 

Pour the ingredients in the spray bottle and shake the bottle to mix the ingredients well. 

Cleaning the Exterior Side of Windows 

Wash the exterior side of windows with water and wipe them dry with a surgical towel. Spray a generous amount of cleaning solution on the surgical towel. Wipe the window with a wet towel from top to bottom. Move the towel in a sweeping motion and apply some pressure while wiping the window. Follow this cleaning method to clean all the windows and windshield. 

Cleaning the Interior Side of Windows

  • Take a microfiber cloth and wipe the windows from top to bottom. 

  • Take another microfiber rag and dip it in isopropyl alcohol and wipe the window with it. This is specifically done to degrease the glass. 

  • Take a surgical towel and spray cleaning solution on it. Wipe the window with a wet towel from top to bottom. Next, move the towel in a circular motion while applying some pressure.

  • Take a microfiber rag and wipe the window dry.

  • Roll down the window and wipe the window edges with a towel sprayed with a cleaning solution.

  • Wipe the window edges dry with a microfiber rag.

Follow the same cleaning method to clean the windshield from inside. You need to also clean the windshield wipers when cleaning the exterior side of the windows. Sit in the passenger seat for easier access to all windshield areas while cleaning from inside.

You need to always clean the windows and windshield regularly to maintain good visibility which is also important for safety. When you follow the cleaning tips given above, the pesky streaks will never appear after cleaning.