Quick Tips for De-Icing Your Windshield

Quick Tips for De-Icing Your Windshield

With the temperatures dropping, icy windshields and frosty mornings are familiar sights. Nobody wants to stand out in the cold to defrost their windows before heading out. So, here are some quick-fix solutions to de-ice your windshields before getting frostbite on a cold winter morning.

Make a De-Icing Spray at Home

A de-icing spray is the safest and fastest way to melt the ice from windshields and mirrors. This solution can clear off the snow and ice fast without causing any harm to the glass. The best part is you can prepare the solution at home using common ingredients.

Make a bottle full of spray the evening before so you won’t have to waste your time in the morning. Also, keep a bottle handy in your vehicle to de-ice the windshields anywhere. These are the ways to make your de-icing solution at home:

  • Make a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water in a proportion of 70:30. This prepared solution has its freezing point at five degrees, making it work faster on icy windshields.

  • In a spray bottle with water, pour two to three scoops of road salt that has a low freezing point to make a de-icing spray.

Ensure Proper Application

After preparing the de-icing solution, you have to apply it properly to ensure effective results. Firstly, heat your car to melt the ice faster from underneath. Then, use the de-icing spray from the top to remove ice completely. Let the solution sit on the ice for some time before chipping it off with a windshield scraper. Once the ice becomes loose, you can wipe it using a soft cloth or a soft-bristled brush.

Follow the Complete De-Icing Process

The effects of de-icing spray will be evident if you follow the right procedure and apply it from inside out. After starting the car and setting the heater to defrost, turn the temperature nozzle to full heat until the warm air circulates the vehicle.  

Also, check the tailpipes to see if there is any blockage due to melting ice. Remember, the melted ice in tailpipes results in carbon monoxide exposure for those inside the car. 

You should warm the car slowly instead of turning the blower to full blast immediately. The sudden onslaught of heat can be harmful to the windshields and other glass in the car. 

Check and Clean other Glass As Well

No matter how much you lack the time, do not ignore other glass in your car when de-icing the windshields. Proper visibility is critical when driving your vehicle on the iced roads. Hence, mirrors and windows in your car must be properly de-iced before you drive it away. 

Any negligence on this front can result in improper visibility leading to collisions and costly repairs. You can avoid them with caution. 

Since icy windshields can’t be avoided in snowy parts of the country, you can be better prepared to keep your car safe. Cover the windshields during the nights to avoid icing. Also, take your vehicle to a mechanic the moment you find any cracks or chips on any glass.